Dried Blue Lotus Flower Grams

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Dried Blue Lotus Flower Grams

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Relish the tradition and tranquility of the Blue Lotus in every brew. Connect with age-old tea rituals while experiencing natural serenity.

Timeless Allure: Immerse yourself in the authentic charm of genuine Blue Lotus, a symbol of purity and rebirth across cultures.

Versatile Uses: Ideal for a spectrum of holistic rituals, aromatic brews, and elegant natural decor applications.

Blend of Tradition: Our Blue Lotus flowers merge ancient customs with modern appreciation, offering a unique cultural and wellness experience.

Intense Tea Brewing: Utilize whole flowers for a rich, full-bodied tea blend. This method unlocks the deeper flavors and aromas of the Blue Lotus, enhancing your tea experience.

Decorative Display: Adorn your space with these exquisite flowers, arranging them in vases or bowls. This usage is ideal for nature aficionados and those passionate about historical reverence and botanical beauty.

Aromatic Potpourri: Combine dried Blue Lotus flowers with other herbs and spices to create a natural, fragrant potpourri. This can add a serene ambiance to any room and is a subtle nod to the flower’s historical significance.

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Dried Blue Lotus Flower by the Gram: Ancient Tranquility Meets Contemporary Wellness


Journey back in time with the iconic Blue Lotus flower, a revered botanical symbol of ancient mysteries. Renowned for its meditative resonance, vision-enhancing properties, and dreamscape enhancements, each gram beckons with promises of serenity and holistic well-being.


  • Timeless Allure: Experience the authentic charm of genuine Blue Lotus.
  • Versatile Uses: Ideal for holistic rituals, brews, and natural decor applications.
  • Blend of Tradition: Blue Lotus flowers that merge ancient customs with modern appreciation.

Multifaceted Uses of Blue Lotus:

Tea Elixir:

Immerse dried petals in hot water, letting them steep to unveil a calming essence. A beverage known for its relaxation and deep sleep inducement.

Aromatic Escapades:

Create your own sanctuary with potpourri or experience a sense of calm through incense burning.

Luxurious Bathing:

Enhance bath rituals by integrating Blue Lotus, transforming regular baths into aromatic retreats.

Herbal Elixirs:

The flower’s attributes can be captured in potent tinctures and extracts suitable for a variety of applications.

Skincare Alchemy:

Imbibe oils with Blue Lotus for potential antioxidant and hydration benefits.

Meditation Companion:

Consider it a pre-meditation ritual, setting the ambiance for deeper introspection and mindfulness.

Discover Our Assortment:

Diverse Offerings:

Dive into our curated range of Blue Lotus products. For bulk requirements exceeding 150 grams, connect with us via chat.

Essential Insights & Notes:

Before Purchasing:

Engage in thorough product scrutiny, supplemented with personal research. Seek specialist advice for further clarity.

Sensory Delight:

Revel in the robust, earthy taste intertwined with a captivating floral aroma, complemented by nuanced bitter undertones.

Historical Legacy:

Tracing its roots to ancient Egyptian merriments, it’s celebrated for its ability to uplift spirits.

Skin Reverie:

A favorite in skincare for its natural moisturizing potential and equilibrium in skin oil content.

Towards a Healthier Self:

Preliminary studies associate lotus leaf with promising weight management avenues.

Safety First:

Though devoid of known overdose instances, it’s paramount to prioritize discerning consumption.

Reach Out & Engage:

Navigate deeper into the world of our Blue Lotus Flower offerings. Your inquiries are always treasured. Connect with us anytime!

Ethics & Responsibility:

We present these botanical treasures with an emphasis on historical, educational, and scientific exploration. They aren’t advocated for direct consumption. The onus of informed decision-making rests with the consumer. Prioritize comprehensive understanding and prudence.

Usage Disclaimer:

Offered for their historical, ethnographic, and scientific significance, these raw botanical specimens come with no warranty for a specific application. They are sold not for human consumption. All usage decisions rest with the customer and should be approached with caution. Always use responsibly.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or illnesses.

All information on this website is for educational purposes only.

Herbs are just plants and some people may be allergic to them. In case of any allergies, please keep in mind that because all of our products are made in the same facility; cross contamination of herbs is possible.

If you have any health conditions, are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications; please consult with a qualified healthcare professional before using any of our blends.

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